Elevate Your Skills with Our State-of-the-Art

Simulation Lab

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to accelerate your career as a cleft provider.
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Palatal Fistula Surgical Simulation Lab

Buccal Flap Surgical Simulation Lab

Cleft Lip Surgical Simulation Lab

Cleft Palate Surgical Simulation Lab

Facial Nerves Block Workshop

Nursing Feeding Workshop

Medical Illustration Workshop

AMD Cleft Midface Distraction Osteogenesis Workshop

Speech Breakout Instrumental Assessment and Lab

Pre-Surgical Orthopedics NasoAlveolar Molding (NAM) for Infants

Our hands-on training simulation labs are designed for surgeons and medical professionals in the cleft and craniofacial field, Cutting-edge labs offer a safe and immersive environment to refine your skills. Through realistic simulations and advanced technology, you’ll gain the confidence and precision necessary for success in the operating room. During the 2023 CCCW, you will be able to register for simulation labs such as Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate, Distraction Osteogenesis for Cleft Midface, Fistula, Buccal flap, Facial Nerve Blocks Workshop, Medical Illustration Workshop, and Feeding Workshop, all under the guidance of experienced mentors

Click here to register. For any questions contact mbeaumont@gsmile.org

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