Lead trainers

David Chong, Jordan W. Swanson, Philip Chen, Adam Johnson, Hans Mark, James Liau, Arnaud Picard, Carolyn R. Rogers-Vizena

It will include two parts:

  1. Detailed planning for Surgical marking of the Fisher anatomical subunit technique for primary cleft lip  repair.
  1. Dissection & repair of an advanced simulation cleft lip model.

The participant should gain well versed approach for repairing unilateral Cleft Lip.

The workshop will be primarily focussed on the anatomical subunit repair for the complete cleft unilateral lip. Emphasis will be placed on step by step demonstration of markings, dissection and then precise closure. Nuances and tips will be presented by various experts, as well as a more brief overview of other lip repair techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to operate on models to perform the techniques discussed , as well as close interactive discussions with experienced surgeon demonstrators

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Upon successful completion of the Cleft Lip Surgical Simulation Lab, participants will receive a prestigious certificate of achievement. This certification not only recognizes their dedication to advancing their skills but also enhances their professional credibility in the medical community.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of this innovative event. Secure your spot at the Cleft Lip Surgical Simulation Lab workshop!

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