Lead Trainer: Dr. James Liau


      1. 1. Concepts behind functional Palate repair
            a. Mucosal Flap
            b. Muscle reapproximation
            c. Speech

        2. Preop preparation
            a. Age
            b. Health status

        3. Presurgical Preparation
            a. Local Anesthetic
            b. Gag retractor/ ET tube
            c. Positioning

        4. Techniques to be taught
          a.2 Flap (Bardach) Palate repair
               i. Indication

               ii. Layers of dissection

               iii. Layers of Repair

        b.Double Opposing Z-plasty
               i. Indication

               ii. Geometry of Zplasty

               iii. Layers of Dissection

               iv. Layers of repair

               v. Usage in Unilateral and bilateral cleft palates

        5. Post op Considerations
              a. Immediate
              b. Long Term

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