© 2023 Summit | 6th International Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshop


Barcelona, Spain


Workshop Details

Training Objectives

This course is meant to address the pre-surgical, dental and orthodontic needs of patients with clefts throughout their growth and development stages from infancy to adolescence. Through a combination of lectures and interactive discussions, the dental participant will learn:

  1. Benefits, indications and use of various types of pre-surgical orthopedics treatment for infants with clefts.
  2. Pediatric dentistry needs and assessments for patients with clefts, including dental anomalies and caries risk.
  3. Indications for orthodontic and surgical intervention for the various stages of growth and development in patients with clefts
  4. Sequence and timing of orthodontic treatment and surgical interventions in patients with unilateral clefts versus bilateral clefts.
  5. Orthodontic treatment during the mixed dentition (ages 5-10 years) in patients with clefts, including expansion, pre and post alveolar bone grafting.
  6. Orthodontic treatment during the permanent dentition phase (ages 10-19 years) in patients with clefts.
  7. Orthodontic treatment after skeletal maturity in patients with clefts (18+ year)  including pre and post-surgical Orthodontic treatment in patients needing Orthognathic Surgery
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