Buccal Flaps Surgical Simulation Lab



Buccal Flaps Surgical Simulation Lab

Buccal Flaps Surgical Simulation Lab

Explore the latest buccal flap techniques for a variety of applications, including primary cleft palate repair, secondary cleft palate revision, velopharyngeal insufficiency.

The use of buccal flaps in primary palate repair revolutionized cleft care by incorporating tissue replacement as a proactive approach rather than a last resort.  

This led to the development of the Anatomic Cleft Restoration Philosophy (ACRP), which addresses clefts as genetic tissue deficiencies and emphasizes strategic tissue replacement.  

The ACRP workshop will guide attendees in designing treatment plans that minimize interventions while optimizing outcomes at every stage of a patient’s life. Common principles and variations in treatment will be explored to reduce revisions and secondary surgeries.  

Surgical techniques will be demonstrated through videos, photos, and discussions, with a focus on buccal flap procedures. Simulation models will assist in understanding tissue marking and flap elevation.  

Field experts will be available to support attendees new to these techniques. 

Attendees are encouraged to pre-submit or bring cases they wish to discuss in a wrap up session.   


Upon successful completion of the buccal flap simulation workshop, participants will receive a prestigious certificate of achievement. This certification not only recognizes their dedication to advancing their skills but also enhances their professional credibility in the medical community.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of this innovative event. Secure your spot at the first-ever buccal flap simulation workshop!

For any questions contact mbeaumont@gsmile.org


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